#GenerasiGIGIH Week 5 Reflection

3 min readAug 9, 2021


Hi everyone! How’s life? I hope we are staying healthy and safe in this current pandemic situation :)

As for my reflection this week, I will try to answer 3 out of 10 selected questions:

“How do you deal with losing or setbacks in your life?”

Failure hurts, it really does. I even write an article due to the failures of joining leadership programs such as Tanoto Foundation and XL Future Leaders (both batch 8 & batch 9). I reached the final stage (interview) three times, but… failed each time. It was like just one more step to go, and boom… “annyeonghaseyo”- said Mr. failure. But now.. the way I see it, this personal experiences help me grow. It helps keep me humble. To deal with disappointment. To accept myself. To be persitent, to enjoy the process and the list goes on.

Failure is something we all experience. Each time we fail, we can learn from our mistakes and become a little bit wiser and more prudent. Failure can also be an opportunity to rethink our lives and grow mentally and spiritually

— Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection

Here, you can read more on my writing about failures: The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is.

“How do you tackle burn out when learning about so many things in so little time?”

For me, it is the art of “learn to give yourself time”. I used to feel rushed on chasing a lot of things, and ended up feeling pressured, anxious or overwhelmed.

Be patient with our own process. It’s okay to take a rest, well indeed we should. Take our time and be at peace with our own timeline.

Run our own race.

What kind of future self do you want yours to be? How will Generasi GIGIH help you to become your future self?”

Honestly, I was the one who wrote this question on my reflective writing a couple weeks ago, but hmmm… It was hard to come up with the question, yet even harder to think about the answer 😅

On career aspect, I want to be a good Data Analyst.. and of course by joining Generasi GIGIH, it does help me. Recently, I applied for Data Analytics Intern on Kampus Merdeka program and I got accepted. The confidence to apply for the role came with what I’ve learned both during college and Generasi Gigih! Thank you, #GenerasiGIGIH.

On self development, I just want to keep learning more aspects about life and to gain wisdom through experience. I hope I can be someone with a positive impacts on others, and able to live a meaningful life :)

Tagline Challenge

If I can propose new tagline for Generasi GIGIH, then it will be #TogetherWeGrow. During this past few months, I learned a lot not just from the industry’s brightest minds (our instructors) but also from my fellow mates. I believe that a supportive learning environment do play important part in one’s learning journey. So, let’s keep on rooting for each other and watching each other grow! 💖

Thank you for reading, and see you on another blog! 😄