#GenerasiGIGIH Week 4 Reflection

3 min readAug 2, 2021


How do you feel about your score so far? What does the score tell you about yourself? Do you think your position will change at the end of the program? Do you believe that you can make it to the next level?

To be honest, I do realize that I didn’t make much effort on collecting the score by trying to engage in every class session: asking and answering question. Well, of course I am grateful to be able to take part in this amazing learning experience. But, I tend to use only the listening or reading method during the class… Can the position change at the end of the program? Well, I believe that nothing is impossible, so yes! We still have some remaining weeks of learning, plus final project soo let’s try to make the best out of it :)

What would you like to ask or say for your friends who made it to the top of the board? What do you think has made them succeed? What can you learn from them?

Congratulations for my friends who made it to the top of the board! You should be proud of yourself and take a moment to appreciate it 🥳🥳🥳

The most important thing I learn from them is that in learning, aside from paying attention and being good listener, we have to be curious and be brave to ask questions. During the class, if it was already QnA session then it meant lots of raised hands. I was amazed to see how others were asking this and that. In my case, sometimes it feels hard to even know the things I don’t know. This called unknown unknowns, the things we don’t know we don’t know. But, hey they said that curiosity is a learned behaviour. I believe with always learning mentality and keep exploring, I would be able to have the curiosity to learn things I don’t know I don’t know 🧐

What will you recommend them to do to finally “see the light again”?

I believe that confidence is more important than competence. Competence without confidence will make the opportunities go away, while confidence without competence will still give us at least x% of chance. I will try to explain this with a real case that may be familiar on our daily life. On class session when the lecturer asked “Does anyone want to try answering this question?”. I started to think about all the possible answer inside my brain, and I’ve come up with some ideas. But then, due to lack of confidence, the self-doubt thoughts slowly emerge: “What if this is actually a silly answer?”, “What if the question is actually so easy, but I give the wrong answer?”, “How will others think about my answer?”, etc .. and ended up not giving my answer at all. The opportunity to get additional points completely go away, and instead it goes to my friends who are brave enough to talk their ideas out. Their answers may no be 100% correct, but they still got some additional points. Plus, they will get some feedbacks, and it will affect their thinking process in a good way (the competence will improve). The lecturer and my friends are not mind-reader, therefore they can’t hear my ideas (depicted as part of my competence) that I think inside my brain. Unlike me, my friends are able to speak their mind. How can? Well, this is where confidence take its part.

Because confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong 💫✨💫

— Peter Mcintyre

So, in order to be able to “see the light again”, let’s trust ourselves and be confident for whatever lies ahead in our journey!

Thank you for reading, and see you on another blog! 😄