#GenerasiGIGIH Final Reflection

2 min readAug 16, 2021


It’s already our final week on GenerasiGIGIH intermediate level! Looking back, it’s been an amazing place to grow and develop ourselves…

As a data student, what did I know 6 weeks ago and what do I know now?

I used to think that data analysis was all about running the right SQL queries on databases… but that wasn’t the only case. Instead, every data analysis has five important steps according to what we learned during the class, starting with determine purpose -> measurement priorities -> collect, prepare and clean -> interrogate the data -> interpret and visualize.

What skills have I developed in the past 6 weeks? What skills do I need to develop now?

On technical skills, I learned to query data in BigQuery, using Google Colab for Python and how to use Google Data Studio to create dashboard. From English class, I learned some vocabs related to software engineering field and some grammar bits. On soft skills, I learned how to create our individual development plan to help us achieve our goals and some career readiness skills.

I still need to develop and relearn the skills that I’ve learned during the class, especially on how to think critically when doing analysis.

What good habits did you learn by joining GenerasiGIGIH?

For me, it’s the habit of never stop learning. By joining GenerasiGIGIH, I realized I still don’t know a lot, but it’s okay as long as I keep on willing to learn… Yet there are also things I don’t know I don’t know. But, hey they said that curiosity is a learned behavior. I believe with always learning mentality and keep exploring, I would be able to have the curiosity to learn things I don’t know I don’t know 😊

In percentage, measure how your learning process in GenerasiGIGIH have improved your chance to be hired or employed in your aspired field? Tell us your evidence.

I think that my learning process in GenerasiGIGIH have improved my chance into 80% to be hired or employed in data analyst field.

Recently, I applied for Data Analytics Intern on Kampus Merdeka program and I got accepted. The confidence to apply for the role came with what I’ve learned both during college and Generasi Gigih! Thank you, #GenerasiGIGIH.

p.s. In the end, I decided to withdraw from the program due to complicated process of SKS conversion :(

At the end of this technical class, are you proud of yourself? Why or Why not?

I am proud of myself, and yes I should be. It wasn’t easy, yet I still put some effort into it. Let’s appreciate ourselves for making it this far and keep on #SurpassYourLimit #LampauiBatasmu 😉

Thank you for reading, and see you on another blog! 😄